Emulsion Treaters

Features of the BS&B Vertical Treater:

  • Full diameter gas separation uses full cross sectional area to separate entrained and solution gas from the liquid.
  • The gas cycle conserves API gravity, producing stable oil of higher API gravity.
  • Large/Coalescing, full diameter free water knockout section.
  • Efficient perforated tray oil spreader eliminates rolling of the water and assures even dispersion of the crude.
  • Removable immersion firebox is efficient, trouble-free.
  • Dependable, trouble-free burner and temperature control equipment.
  • Large, full diameter filter section removes last small quantity of water from oil.
  • Large settling section.
  • Adjustable outside water siphon.
  • Mist eliminator in gas separation section assures dry outlet gas.

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BS&B Model HET Electrochemical Treater

  • BS&B's HET Treater uses the superior features of its well-known HUT Mechanical Treater and incorporates the addition of electrostatic grids in the coalescing section. The grids work on a dual polarity concept using power supplied from an integrally mounted transformer.
  • Advantages include smaller vessels, less retention time and improved dehydration.





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Features of H.U.T Treaters

  • Upflow design assures longer fire tube life-especially where water with high salt concentration is encountered.
  • Highly efficient BS&B U-Tube firebox. From one to four fireboxes are installed, depending on treater diameter.
  • Firebox is equipped with the BS&B "Full Octave Tuned Firing System." This patented system produces uniform heat throughout the firetube length. Flame impingement and hot spots on the firetube wall are eliminated. This also extends the firebox life.
  • The incoming fluid enters the treater through the gas separator dome well above the liquid levels in the treating section. So, there is always enough liquid head available to efficiently move the oil through the treater without danger of flooding. This is also the coolest point in the treater. Result-greatly improved liquid separation and condensation of valuable light ends.
  • All gas is discharged through the mist extractor in the top section of the gas separation dome. This is also well above any liquid levels in the treater.
  • These treaters are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the ASME Code for pressures of 50 PSI. Higher pressures are available if required.

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