Parts & Spares

BS&B's Inside sales order desk stocks a wide range of parts for all makes and models of process equipment. BS&B can supply everything you require for your next plant turnaround regardless of size. BS&B specializes in overseas International parts and spares supply. Contact one of our experienced technical staff to assist you with your parts and spares requirements. BS&B Engineers utilize HYSIS Process simulation software.

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Some of the samples of parts are shown below

Burner Parts - mixers, nozzles, pilots, ignitors, sight glass, orifices

Tower Packing - SST Pall Rings, Ceramic saddles, SST Mesh Pads, Bubble Caps, demister pads, mist extractor

Flame Arrestors

BS&B Supplies Parts for BS&B Valves, Requlators
Level Controllers or any BS&B Manufactured Product.

Removable Fire-Box

Tank Accessories - tank flanges, thermostats, gaskets, hatches, repair kits

Treater Parts - Anodes, insulation kits, thermostats, repair kits

Fuel Gas Scrubbers - 6"x36" 150#, 8"x36: 150#, floats, valves, vessel floats, skid mounting



The Eco-ScreenT Filter System is a one-time investment that saves money and time. Eco-ScreenT Filter Systems replace outdated paper/fabric filter technology with a superior reusable stainless steel mesh screen. Using the Eco-ScreenT System means saving countless man-hours purchasing, storing and disposing of outdated paper and fabric filters.

The Eco-ScreenT Filter has superior performance. It is ideally suited for filtering lube oils, fuels, glycol, hydraulic oils, solvents, coolant water systems, refrigeration systems, recycle applications, closed loop hydraulic systems, portable filter carts and more.

As a diagnostic tool, it provides an immediate indication of an engine's condition. Wear components are visibly trapped on the filter screen surface. Forty percent net free flow filter area results in higher flow rates, lower pressure drops and consistently high filtration quality.

The Eco-ScreenT Filter System protects against engine failure. The module does not include a by-pass valve which can allow contaminants to flow back into the lubrication system. Filters

Excellent backflush cleaning is insured because particulate contaminants remain on the filter screen.

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