TEG Gas Dehidratation


  • The exclusive BS&B ''Super Hi-Con" regeneration system produces lean TEG as high as 99.99 + percent concentration and allows dehydration to dewpoint depressions as high as 220 deg. F. This permits cryogenic processing of dehydrated natural gas without risk of hydrate formation or riming of heat exchange surfaces. A BS&B "Super Hi-Con" system has been used successfully for many years in the most stringent gas dehydration application in commercial use: pretreatment for natural gas liquefaction at -240 deg. F.
  • BS&B Bubble Cap Trays provide maximum tray efficiency with minimum pressure drop and inter-tray carry-over. Turndown to 20% or less of rated gas flow is possible without significant loss in contact efficiency. BS&B trays are designed for maximum static seal to avoid leaks and weeps in startup.
  • BS&B firetubes provide thermal efficiencies as high as 85 % based on net fuel heating value. Combustion burner systems are carefully designed to control maximum flux rates, hence provide minimum firetube wall temperatures and longest possible tube life. All BS&B firetubes provide for differential thermal expansion without damaging overstress conditions. Flame arrestors, flame monitors, ignition systems, temperature alarms and shutdowns, plus fuel supply sensors, provide for maximum feasible firing safety and reliability.

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