Indirect Fired Heaters


  • Specifically designed to safely heat gases or liquids over a wide range of pressure and temperatures without the need for high-pressure shell or a special design for each application.
  • Firetube thermal efficiency of 70% is the highest of any indirect heater offered for oil and gas field applications. High thermal efficiency results in lower operating costs through fuel gas savings.
  • Combustible or heat sensitive fluids are heated in a flow coil by the heat transfer medium, completely isolated from the firetube.
  • The firetube is always immersed in a clean, non-fouling heat transfer medium. Fresh water with corrosion or a freeze inhibitor (as required) is the most common bath medium. High boiling heat transfer oils or proprietary organic and inorganic heat transfer media can be used to obtain higher temperatures (above 200F/ 93C).
  • Uniform heating of the transfer bath keeps the process coil tube wall temperature low, reducing scaling inside the coil, with no hot spots to cause coil failure.
  • A wide range of interchangeable flow coils is available for each heater size, allowing easy selection of the correct coil arrangement to satisfy heat transfer surface area and pressure drop requirements.
  • The flow coils are supported independently of firetubes and are easily changed to satisfy changing field conditions or applications.
  • A wide range of standard firetube ratings is available from 75,000 BTU/hour (18,900 kcal/hr) to 4,000,000 BTU/hour (1,007,983 kcal/hr). Heaters also available in sizes from 4,000,000 BTU/hour (1,007,983 kcal/hr) to 20,000,000 BTU/hour (5,040,068 kcal/hr) for special applications.
  • There are no baffles or obstructions between the firetube and the flow coil to restrict rapid movement of thermal convection currents in the water bath.
  • The entire process flow coil is positioned above the firetube in the hottest portion of the water bath.
  • The water saver accessory minimizes water vapor loss from the heater shell, assuring a safe water level.
  • The burner and pilot assemblies are designed to match firetube capacity and provide safe, dependable, efficient operation even under varying loads or adverse weather conditions. Temperature controls and other controls, parts and accessories are carefully selected for dependable, trouble-free operation.
  • Fuel gas preheat coils are incorporated to assure dry fuel gas and to prevent fuel line freeze-up when large pressure reductions are required of the fuel gas regulator.
  • A Wide selection of accessories is available.

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