Propane Vaporizers


  • Propane and other LPG liquids are vaporized safely without an expensive high pressure shell or a special design for each application.
  • Firebox has a thermal efficiency of over 70% -one of the highest on the market for this type of unit. Cuts fuel costs. Combustible fluids are heated in a flow coil completely isolated from the firebox. Safe.
  • Firebox is always immersed in fresh water, reducing coking and burnout problems. Clean metal surface transfers firebox heat to water bath rapidly.
  • Uniform heating of the water bath results in low tube wall temperature of the flow coil- promotes longer life.
  • Wide range of flow coil sizes permits easy selection of the proper coil arrangement to satisfy heat transfer surface area and pressure drop requirements for each vaporizer.
  • Flow coil design insures sweepout of all vapor by liquid as it vaporizes. Flow coil arrangement avoids low spots, prevents "percolation" if partial vaporization occurs.
  • Entire flow coil is positioned in the hottest portion of the water bath-above the firebox.
  • Water Saver (or Expansion Chamber) assures safe water level by minimizing water vapor loss. Through recovery, essentially no make-up water is required.
  • The expansion chamber allows water to expand at operating temperatures so that tubes are kept covered by water during summertime shutdown. This reduces atmospheric corrosion.
  • Burner and pilot light assemblies are carefully matched with firebox capacity, providing safe, dependable and efficient operation -even under varying loads and adverse weather conditions.
  • Temperature controls and other controls, parts, and accessories are carefully selected to provide dependable, trouble-free operation.
  • Fuel gas preheat coil assures a dry fuel gas and prevents fuel line freezeup when large pressure reductions are required across the fuel gas regulator.
  • Wide selection of accessories makes it possible to furnish units that will meet various state and local codes. .Wide range of sizes available: from 50,000 BTU/hr. to 16,000,000 BTU/hr.
  • Packaged units or partially assembled units are available to save time and cut field installation costs.
  • Vaporizer coils are provided with sufficient heat transfer area to permit using anti-freeze in water bath solution when inlet and/or ambient temperatures are below freezing.

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